Business group calls for 'urgent' new legislation to safeguard workers against AI

08 Sep 2023

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has called for urgent new legislation to help safeguard UK workers against AI.

The TUC said that AI must benefit all, otherwise, without proper regulation, it could turn the UK labour market into a 'Wild West'.

A new AI taskforce has been launched by the TUC to help fill current gaps in UK employment law by drafting new legal protections to ensure AI is regulated fairly at work for the benefit of both employers and employees.

The taskforce will bring together specialists in law, technology, politics, the voluntary sector and HR.

AI experts have warned that the UK is 'way behind the curve' on the regulation of AI, and that UK employment law is failing to keep pace with the development of new technology.

'AI is already making life-changing decisions about the way millions work – including how people are hired, performance-managed and fired,' said Kate Bell, Assistant General Secretary of the TUC.

'But UK employment law is way behind the curve – leaving many workers vulnerable to exploitation and discrimination. We urgently need new employment legislation so workers know where they stand.

'Without proper regulation of AI, our labour market risks turning into a Wild West. We all have a shared interest in getting this right.'

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